I claim hoax. These idiot parents are actually the ones who purposely let this thing take off. OBVIOUSLY, if this wasn’t staged, they would have known whether or not their son would be inside this fuckin thing. And, I know I’m not the only one who has noticed there doesn’t actually appear to be an entrance, as this was not made to ever fly somebody.
Fuckin pathetic, these parents suck.

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  1. Where I live, you can be arrested for leaveing a kid in a CAR, let alone a balloon.These people should be charged with something.

  2. I actually happened to see the episode of wife swap that they were on while I was in NY…this guy really is a douche..but his wife is just as bad as she accepts and allows this all to go on. I hope they both end up in jail and the kids in an environment where maybe they can grow up normally and not turn out anything like the parents. They have these three beautiful children and this is what they did with that blessing…ugh, just shoot them.

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