Time For A Change

It’s time we change the calendar.

I don’t know the logistics, or the process behind doing this whatsoever. In fact, I can only assume it would be an absolute nightmare for the first few months if not a year. But, a change is needed.
Over time, our climate has shifted and the way the calendar was structured to be based on the seasons is outdated. We no longer see April showers until May. September remains one of the hottest months. Too many green Christmases (for places that have snow). It’s just out of whack by about a month.
What I propose is simple in theory, and then I’d let somebody else figure out how to actually execute it. We shift the entire calendar backwards by a month. So today would actually be April 12 instead of May 12. Sort of like a daylight savings, that doesn’t ever shift forward and gives us an extra month instead of hour. It would re-align the months/holidays with the weather it was initially set out to do.
So, who wants to figure out how to actually implement this?

About Repo Man

Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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