Stupid Rogers

Once again Rogers Wireless just doesn’t seem to get it. I’ve known this for quite some time, and 2 years of being an iPhone owner with this company has only made things worse.

Time to up the ante with the ridiculously stupid data options for the iPad. If you want to sign up through Rogers for one of their plans, you have TWO options. You can either get 250MB of data for $15/month or 5GB for $35/month. Dumbest shit, ever. These are the two options you come up with?
It’s not even so much the pricing that pisses me off, but the amount of data. 250MB is next to nothing on an iPhone, nevermind how much more you would likely use on an iPad. I would have no problem plowing through this in a week, tops. And that’s doing very basic browing not even considering downloading and what not. Then, 5GB is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Unless you are on this thing constantly, and without ever having a WiFi connection, you simply do not need this much.
For myself and other iPhone users I talk to, we fall between the 1-1.5 GB of data usage on heavier months. So why on earth Rogers doesn’t offer some sort of middle ground is just another indication of their money-hungry business plans.
And also, yeah.. $35/month is more than I pay for the internet at home which allows me 10 times the bandwidth, on a computer that can do a hell of a lot more than check email and read books.
Thank you Rogers, for once again proving all you care about is money, and your customers come in a distant second.

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