30 For 30

There is a chance that if you live under a rock, don’t watch sports, or don’t have cable like myself.. you might not be entirely privy to the new series airing on ESPN entitled “30 For 30.”
The basic concept for this is that ESPN will be airing 30 stories from the past 30 years that, although documented, not fully detailed and brought in to prominence.
For an example, the video I posted above chronicles the heated rivalry between Reggie Miller and the New York Knicks throughout the 90’s. Everybody knows there was a rivalry, but this takes you directly inside the heads of those involved and gives you a first hand look and what was taking place.
The premiere episode explored the Wayne Gretzky trade when he was moved from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings. Once again a VERY well known story, but many (including myself) never fully understood why the deal went down and the reasons behind it.
If you have any fascination with sports, or simply documentaries, you NEED to be tuning to this series. For those of you in Canada who don’t receive ESPN, all of the aired stories can easily be found on YouTube.

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