106 & Shit

I never listen to the radio. Ever. Haven’t done so since I was in 8th grade and would try to record the hottest new songs on to my blank cassette. I believe the last song I did this for was Wild Wild West by Will Smith.

Many years ago I would watch 106 & Park on BET (when the channel was available here, it varies) to find out what was hot. I would also check their website and their voting listing to see all the new tracks they were playing at the time. Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s 80-90% of this list would be HOT. You could make a playlist of these songs, take them to a party and blow the roof off.
I just checked this list now, and WOW. I know hip-hop has been terrible in recent years – it’s the main reason I haven’t checked this list, but man. I YouTube’d a couple of the songs/videos and they were all pathetic. The worst part is that Justin Bieber is actually on this list. Call me crazy, but I’m not sure a 13 year old white kid’s pop music exactly qualifies for the countdown on Black Entertainment Television.

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