Facebook Beef

This is a beef I’ve had with Facebook for a while now. And it has nothing to do with Facebook itself, but some of the people who use it.

I’ve had a Facebook account for several years now. Back to the days when it was exclusive to colleges and universities and every Tom, Dick and Harry were left out in the cold. When they opened it up globally, whatever. Fine with me.
However, I have had this same problem with some people for years now. To me, Facebook was always about keeping in touch with FRIENDS, or perhaps old friends who you’ve lost touch with and hoped to catch up. It wasn’t about how many “friends” you had, as was the popularity with MySpace. That’s why when I see someone with 1500 friends on Facebook, I laugh to myself a little bit.
Anyways I’m totally veering off topic here. The beef is as follows: You go to a party. You talk to someone for at most, 3-5 minutes. The next morning you wake up and they have friend requested you. Ok, not that big of a deal I guess. We got along so sure, accepted. Then, within hours they’re commenting on every photo and status, and writing all over your wall – generally hitting on you.
When did we get so lazy that our new means of flirting with somebody is writing on their wall or commenting on all their shit. I mean, at LEAST send a private message that might actually create some dialogue back and forth. But jeez.
To continue beating a dead horse here, don’t try to make plans with me via Facebook. I don’t check it, and it’s also weird for everyone else to see that. There is a reason I have a cell phone, and if you don’t have my number there is a reason for that too. So stop it.
Chances are, if I wanted a real connection, we would have exchanged numbers at the party the night before. Furthermore, my Facebook is not like your Facebook. I use it simply as a means for connection and sometimes networking, not so you can write vulgar or explicit messages all over my shit. The problem is that I don’t check it every day. So something stupid you write could be visible for a couple days until I have the chance to delete it.
I don’t want to have to delete my wall, because sometimes I do get some great posts or links, but it is certainly getting to that point. I’m sure there is a ‘Facebook For Dummies’ book out there, so pick it up and learn some etiquette.

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  1. Some good points were made but keeping my fb page

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