NBA Playoffs. More importantly – the Toronto Raptors IN the NBA Playoffs. Let me take a moment to tell you exactly what this means to me.

As most of you reading this probably know by now, I am a die hard Toronto Raptors fan. Have been since 2000. The first season I really watched this team, is the furthest any team has gone in the playoffs in the history of the franchise. Since then, it has not been great. A couple appearances, and a couple quick exits.
Yet, each and every April here I am. Hoping. YEARNING for that chance for the Raps to be playing when it REALLY matters.
It’s near impossible to describe the feeling of winning and losing in the playoffs to those who just aren’t that in to sports. Winning a playoff game puts me in the best mood possible until the next game. Losing a playoff game, and being around me will feel like I’m a smoker of 20 years who just quit cold turkey. Yes, it’s that serious.
Winning a playoff SERIES (keep in mind this has only happened once, almost a decade ago) I would describe as getting a giant promotion at work. You are on top of the world for a while, and the little things in life stop bothering you.
Losing a playoff series. Now this I’m used to. This is not fun. It feels a lot like you just caught your girlfriend cheating on you. Your stomach turns. There is nothing you can do about it. You are pissed. Sadly, this feeling actually lasts longer because the season doesn’t start again until November. That is 6 months folks. Six months.
We are in turbulent times in Raptors land right now. There is a chance our best player (Chris Bosh) is gone after this season. There is a chance our GM Bryan Colangelo might not be around much longer either. This would spell yet another rebuilding session for this team. I’ve already endured this once, and frankly am not looking forward to another one.
That makes this season that much MORE important. The 6-month post relationship hangover could actually last much much longer if this team gets blown up. We might not see the playoffs again for a year or two.
Still wonder why I get this jacked up?

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