This is my prediction for how Sunday at Augusta will look. Pretty familiar, no?

The shitty part about this thing is that Tiger said he is gong to tone down his reactions on the course – both good and bad. That sucks. One of the best parts about watching Tiger is seeing him swear at himself, throw a club, or do an awesome fist pump.
That has always been part of the attraction of Tiger. He is the best in the world, and he acted like it. If I wanted a boring golfer who won tournaments, I’d watch Ernie Els or Phil Mickelson.
Hopefully the pressure of the 3rd and 4th round brings out the real Tiger again and we get to see some fireworks.
Another reason I’m hoping for a victory from his is so it will finally cool down the scandal talk. If he plays like shit and misses the cut that is all we will be hearing about for months. If he wins, it will become a back story finally, and we can get back to talking about golf.
Let’s go Tiger.

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  1. I wish him all the best. I bet he's very happy Jesse James took some of the heat off him.

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