Pretty Ricky

Ricky Martin is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And for real. There isn’t. So sick and tired of hearing the “Oh big surprise” sentiments from anybody. Is it a real shocker? No, probably not. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it for you people. He did it for himself, and did it to be a role model for his children.
For some reason people seem to take pride in being able to predict the sexuality or infidelity of celebrities. Whenever a scandal breaks, or a closet door is opened somebody is standing there yelling “TOLD YOU SO!”
Who fuckin cares.
Oh by the way, Livin La Vida Loca was great, make music like that again.

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  1. All i could say was even Ray Charles could have seen this one coming.It's very sad that people have to "announce" their sexual preference. Like you, who the hell cares? Live & let live.

  2. Yeah…in my opinion, Ricky Martin didn't come out of the closet–he just stopped lying about his orientation. =)

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