Hey Raptors Fans

After another Raptors loss, albeit a big one, most people in Raptor-Nation are once again off the bandwagon.

Look, it sucks. We blew a 17 point lead to a team right ahead of us in the standings. I get it. But I’m so fed up of every fan bailing on the team after every single loss. Then, of course, after every single win all I hear is “back on track, championship here we come.”
Please Raptors fans, do NOT turn in to “those” Leafs fans. You know, the kind that think we are going to win a championship every single season, and everything is a disaster if that doesn’t happen.
That is the ultimate goal of course, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen this season. If you WERE thinking a championship was coming this year, well.. then obviously you don’t watch enough basketball.
What is pissing me off the most, is the criticism of Chris Bosh. What more do you want this guy to do? His stats are all-world, and the best he has ever put up. Does he make everyone around him WAY better? No. But, most big men don’t. It is a lot easier for a wing man to penetrate and kick the ball out for assists.
Is he a “leader” – in my opinion yes. But for argument sake, let’s say no. Ok. So what we need is to get one of those top 5-10 players in the entire NBA who combine unbelievable ability, as well as unheralded leadership. Gotcha. Let’s get Kobe or Wade on the phone and see if they’re available. Wait a minute…
What I’m getting at here, is that Raptors fans are becoming those people that want-want-want with no conception of logistics. If it were up to many of these fans, we would have about 563 players on our roster because you like everybody. Acquiring a superstar in the NBA is NOT easy. And we have one. One that probably isn’t going to be here after this season because A) we aren’t playing well and B) fans don’t stick behind this team.
When we’re winning, the Air Canada Centre is one of the best places in the league to play. When we’re losing everybody boo’s and the players stop caring.
Is anybody else surprised Stoudamire, T-Mac, Vince all GAVE UP towards the end of their time here. If fans don’t care, why should they?
Be critical, but be realistic.
Step up Raptors fans.

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