Almost Got It

The NFL ALMOST got it right with their new overtime rule changes, but could have gone a little bit further to make it perfect.

Under the current, shitty rule, if the game goes in to overtime there is a coin toss. The winning team receives the ball, and if they score the game is over. The defending team is given NO option to tie the game. Stupid. 
Under the new system, which for whatever reason only applies to playoff games, is a step in the right direction. If a team wins the toss and scores a field goal, there is a kick off and the opposing team is given one chance to tie, or win the game with a touchdown. However, if the initial score is a touchdown then the game is over.
I’m not sure I quite understand why the game ends on a touchdown, and the opposition is given a shot. Perhaps the league is worried this could result in too many ties, which is valid, but the field goal layout will cause that same problem. Also, how dramatic would it be to see a team go for a 2-point conversion in overtime to either win or lose the game? That would be awesome.
I also assume this hasn’t been implemented for the regular season with the worry once again being too many ties. With only 16 games on the calendar, throwing a multitude of ties in to the standings could end up making things very complicated. Hopefully, after a season or two of these new playoff rules, they will realize that regular season should have this too. 
For now, I’m just glad this stupid problem is on the way to be solved. It has bothered me forever. Thank you NFL for listening to fans, players, and owners and fixing your game for the better swiftly. This is why you make far more money than any other league on the planet.

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