Hey Wench, I mean Wente

I’m firstly pissed off I actually have a picture of this moron on my blog. Whatever.

I wasn’t going to weigh in on this story, and leave it to the ladies. However, I’m still pissed off about this so I figured I might as well. Let’s dissect some of what she said, with a MALE opinion, shall we?
“Guys seek thrills and speed. They go for the adrenalin rush. They get pumped by going higher, faster, farther than anyone else. They want lots of action and instant gratification. That’s also why guys like blogging – instant opinions, and lots of them”

I have no idea how this even relates to blogging. It’s like she just randomly decided to say something about men, and then say SEE THIS IS WHY THEY LIKE BLOGGING. I’ve been blogging for a while, and every time I finish a post – I don’t get an adrenalin rush. That doesn’t even make sense.
“I believe the urge to blog is closely related to the sex-linked compulsion known as male answer syndrome. MAS is the reason why guys shoot up their hands first in math class. MAS also explains why men are so quick to have opinions on subjects they know little or nothing about.”

Hmm.. blog about subjects you little or nothing about? Kind of like.. when you were so quick to have an opinion about female bloggers, which clearly you know little or nothing about. It’s a good try though – I blog because I’m obsessed with being right (wait, that doesn’t make any sense either).
“Women never held peeing contests. Perhaps that helps explain why women tend to be more restrained and less concerned with public displays of prowess.”

WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?! Are you all noticing the same pattern that I am? That none of her points make ANY sense at all? She compares blogging to peeing contests? Really? I’m sorry, but I’m a 24 year old male and have never witnessed a peeing contest in my life.
The more I read her stupid, idiotic rant, the more I realized it offends BOTH genders. It makes men out to be macho, meatheads obsessed with being right. It makes women look like meager, underachievers who had better not put their opinion in public. Sorry Wente, this isn’t the fucking 1700’s anymore.
I read a lot of blogs. MORE than 50% of the blogs I read are written by females. This isn’t done purposely, it’s just the way it went. I enjoy what they have to say, and their opinions are clear and concise. If anything, I wish MORE women would blog – because since when is writing only in the male stratosphere?


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