Let the Madness begin

As you may have noticed when visiting my blog, I tend to be a big fan of sports in which the athletes are NOT getting paid to play in. See: World Jr. Hockey Championships, and most recently, the Olympics.

This is where TRUE passion lies. We have all heard about pro athletes “mailing it in” (I’m looking at you Vince Carter, Brian McCabe, Vernon Wells) but this just does not happen in tournaments like this.
College sports is absolutely HUGE in the USA. Football and basketball are probably bigger at the college ranks than they are at the pro level. There is just something more sacred about it, for whatever reason. I don’t entirely understand it, as a Canadian. Especially considering we barely have any broadcasts outside of March Madness, or Bowl season.
That said, if you can’t get jacked up for the next couple weeks watching college basketball, then I say you are NOT a basketball fan. Hell, if non-hoop fans should be able to get in to this just by watching a game or 2. The crowds are always bananas, the games always have tremendous finishes. And at the end of the day, these players want… no, NEED to win every single game.
Oh, and on a side note, if LeBron James went to college, he would have an NBA Championship ring by now.

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