Perhaps I’m writing this a couple days late. Perhaps not.

Canada played the USA in an Olympic hockey match the other day and both countries pushed anti-country boundaries further than I have seen before because of sports. I know soccer riots, and even deaths happen, but to me this was as personal as it has ever been in North America.
I partake in trash talking all the time. It’s fun and makes the games more enjoyable. I did it a ton during the Super Bowl. I did it a ton during this hockey game too.
When it started turning in to verbal wars about economy, health care, leaders, it was no longer fun. It was no longer about sports, but personal attacks on nations is just too far. Why does this have to happen? I had many friendly wagers, bets about THE GAME. I cared about Canada winning a hockey game against our greatest rival. I did not care about what the fuck Barack Obama has done for health care during those 3 hours.
The Americans I was verbally sparring with didn’t care that we have barely helped out in Iraq or wherever your soldiers are now.
This has expanded even beyond a hockey game now. Patrons of both countries have continued the diminishing of each other for every other event in the games. I know our committee said we wanted to “Own The Podium” during these Olympics. Guess what? It was never going to happen. We knew that. Apparently nobody else did. It was a motivational marketing tool because the Games come here every 25 years or so.
So yeah, congratulations USA you have the most medals right now. Probably will end up with them too. Unfortunately, none of us will care once these games end.
Enjoy your success. Be proud of your country. Bashing us for nothing? That will live on beyond these meaningless events that people only care about every four years.
This message is to Canadians too. It’s SPORTS. Keep the political debate out of it.

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