I won’t pretend to know everything about politics. I won’t pretend to know everything about America or their presidency.

I WILL however state that no fucking way in hell would I want the person running the world to have to write shit on her hand like she’s 7 years old. Honestly, could this woman make any more mistakes, or prove how unworthy she is any more than she already has?
She was almost one heart attack away from RUNNING THE WORLD. Pause. Reflect. Maybe Obama isn’t so bad. I mean, at least he doesn’t have to write notes on his hand.

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  1. You're right Tyler..using the teleprompter for every speech is muuuuch better. I am not a fan of hers, bt let's get real..she wrote the order of her speech on her hand…no other notes, just that. I'd say that isn't all that bad. She memorized a speech and had a simple reminder so as not to leave anything out. I do not want her as President, but I do wish that people would attack her politics as opposed to constantly having to stretch for low based insults and personal attacks regarding her intellect.

  2. Using a teleprompter is fine. Writing on your hands is childish. Its just funny to me hearing the same people attacking Obama sticking up for her. She would have made Bush look like a genius. Some people will just never be satisfied with the President no matter who it is

  3. So the fact that she does the same things that alot of us do every day makes her stupid…um..ok. I guess Obama mispronouncing words like corpsmen (he needs to remember the p is silent), the fact the common word in his vocab is "um",he said his parents got together in the aftermath of the Selma church bombing which occ'd in '65 but yet he was born in '61, thought Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois,credits his awakening of racial awareness to a Life magazine article that Life itself says never existed, said a key reason we're losing the war in Afghanistan is because all the interpreters are in Iraq…I could go. The point is we all make gaffes and missteps..all of us. To hone in on things as insubstantial as these is petty and assinine. When I criticize Obama, I criticize his policies,his methods, and his agenda. I don't say he's stupid because he said he'd visited 57 states, sop only 1 more to go, or his mispronunciation of words. I guess though it's pointless to argue as some will defend Obama and vilify Palin, or anyone on the Right for that matter, simply because it seems the thing to do.

  4. i havent written anything on my hand as a reminder since i was 8 years old, and neither has anyone i know. None of his gaffs have been nearly as epic as hers, and everybody knows that. Watch some interviews of her discussing "policy" – they dont make ANY sense, and she just rambles about nothing of any substance. If you think she is more suitable to run your country than Obama then I have no argument for that.

  5. It wasn't that I was arguing she would be better suited to be President than fact I feel neither is qualified for that role. My argument was simply that the mere fact that she put a note on her hand didn't seem worthy of the insults. I guess I'm the one that was wrong. I guess as long as everyone is riding the same bandwagon, then you may as well join in..In the meantime there are real issues that matter that most people don't bother to learn about, or research that keep getting swept aside or put down to the idiotic conservatives who will never agree with the President simply because he's black or whatever..and to that, I say whatever.

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