This picture is big as fuck. I used this one for a reason. So you could get the full effect of this guy being a dumbass.

Dear Mr. Weezy F. Baby [please say the baby],
You sir, are a moron. Another classic case of young, rich and stupid. And by no coincidence is your record label called Young Money. All the money in the world, let’s play with guns and go to jail.
Sadly, this whole jail thing is GOOD in your industry and you will likely be more popular when you get out. Especially if you do one of those prison records, everybody seems to love those.
Lastly, in one of your songs you state “rather been in the ground pushin flowers, than in the pen sharin showers.”
SO Mr. Wayne, are you a poseur or not?

About Repo Man

Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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  1. And to top it off, he heads to jail after releasing a terrible wannabe rock album. So technically he's a poseur b/c he can't play the guitar yet (at least decently) parades one around like he's a rock star.

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