Sounds About Right

Finally a suspension that I’m happy with.

Patrice Cormier (for those who are unaware, is the guy who elbowed another player and put him in to convulsions on the ice) was suspended for the remainder of the junior season, and the entirety of the playoffs. Cormier said he “agreed with the decision.”
Yeah, I hope so kid. Because while you were skating off the ice arguing with the ref and banging your stick, Mikael Tam was suffering from brain trauma on the ground. Face it, you are a goon. Try something like that in the NHL when you make it and see what happens.
Star players in junior sports always suffer ego trips. Thats what happens when you are pampered your entire life by coaches who say you could be one of the greatest players. A wake up call was needed for this, and another one is needed once you reach the pros to teach you a lesson.
I will forever be ashamed to call you a Captain of Team Canada.
The Devils logo behind your head seems appropriate huh?

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