No Hall

So let me get this straight.. Mark McGwire admits to the worst kept secret in the history of ever, and people think this means he could be inducted in to the Hall of Fame?

Since WHEN does admitting to cheating mean you now get the highest honor in sports. If anything this should mean he absolutely does NOT get in and his records are wiped from the books.
I get this shit wasn’t moderated very well, but who cares? Baseball in a lot of places barely survived the strike in 1994. Too many fuckin scandals. This guy made his money, had his glory. Has a job in the MLB.
Settle this. NOBODY that took steroids will have a record or a spot in the Hall. Fuck

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  1. Agreed Steriods are cheating, & cheaters ruin the game! Hall should not be rewarded for bad behaviour, I thought we were all taught this in kindergarden!

  2. Men like him have no business in the hall of they could fill a "Hall of Shame" no doubt

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