I’m An Asshole

First off, Googling the word “asshole” for a picture to put on your blog isn’t exactly child friendly. ANYWAYS…

So last night I posed the question on Twitter, “Am I an asshole?”
The answers were pretty heavy in favor of “yes.”
Which got me thinking.. What is an asshole really? (In its NON-vulgar sense, perverts). I also asked the question why those same people followed me on Twitter, and most of the responses that came back was because it was either funny, or just me being honest. So apparently, being honest in today’s society makes you an asshole. And when I started thinking about that notion, it really is true.
You must be so politically correct these days that George Carlin has probably written 3 books of material from heaven. God rest his hilarious soul. And if you step out of the boundaries of PC, you are an asshole. No matter how truthful and honest you are, doesn’t matter.
We are all taught as children, tell the truth and be honest. I know there is a line between honesty and BRUTAL honesty. But when it’s OBJECTIVE honesty, more people need to open their ears and listen.
It’s important. If we really want to see change, I mean REALLY want to see change, people need to step up and stop being afraid of being outspoken to GET that change.

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Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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  1. I think there's a line between being honest and being brutally honest. I think that there's a way to tell people the truth without crushing them. That's probably what divides the assholes from the truth tellers. I think that quite a few people are afraid to hear the truth but sometimes people just need to hear it. I'm just a twitter person but as far as I know you're not an asshole!

  2. GEORGE CARLIN. yes. this.continue with the honesty and stuff.that is all.

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