Agent Zero

Mr. Gilbert Arenas gave new meaning to his nickname ‘Agent Zero’. How? He stashes guns in his locker and allegedly points them at teammates.

WHAT?! – I heard you saying that. Yeah, what the fuck huh?
I don’t know what it is about pro athletes these days, but if this story is true it could be the worst offense committed by one of these guys. The Wizards have the option of instantly voiding his contract, which would cost him about $100 million. The NBA also has the option of giving him a lifetime ban.
Both of which I would be totally fine with if this story is true. I’ve always hated this guy because he’s the epitome of ME FIRST and, as Joe Namath would say, couldn’t care less about his team struggling. Losing this guy from the league won’t bother me. In fact, it would make me happy because my direct competition in my fantasy league has him on his roster.

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  1. My goal tis year is to understand sports, im sure thia is a great bloggage, but it's like reading a foreign language,for u sir i will try to be less of a "chick" 🙂

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