Hands Up

Thierry Henry is among one of the soccer players I know by name. Names of which I can easily count on 1 hand. [Editor’s Note: some info I’m using for this blog, which is from an Irish news source is dated tomorrow. Time change is fucked].

Anyways, yeah.. dude totally touched the ball with his hand. He admitted it later on. Question remains, is this cheating? Most people will say yes, but I say no. Did he break the rule? Yes, but it’s the referees fault for missing it.
How many times in baseball does an ump blow a call? Does the batter correct him and say “no, no that was definitely a strike. Make that a strike.” The list goes on. Henry even suggested they play a rematch as the only way to fix the mess. I respect that. Sorry Aisling, probably not what you were going for with your suggestion.

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  1. ok say basically wrote all this already-but here we go again…Firstly its FIFA's fault for not having Video Playback and more line referees (especially at least one behind goals.) These two things are easily achievable.Then its the referees fault for letting players think they can get away with shit like this. If you look at the video, the side line referee has a clear view of Henry. The ball was also Offside before Henry even touched it, and no Ref saw/called this either.Then Henry seriously has got to take responsibilty. I know it might sound like day-dreaming, but I personally would have hoped that someone of his standard, who clearly has dedicated his life to the game, is idolised by millions of young boys, and is playing in such an important international game, would actually respect the rules of the game he loves so dearly. He has claimed it was by accident that he "touched" the ball, but if you look at the video, the ball was about to go out, and he controlled it with his hand and set it up for the goal. Also, the only reason he is now saying hes ok with a replay, is cuz FIFA already said there won't be one. Its all PR.Finally, The "Hand of Frog" has cost my country MILLIONS and MILLIONS of euros, our team played the best they have in a long time that night, and he has robbed the fans and players of the celebration and respect we deserved. Also, let us not forget, he has also rpbbed the French Fans of the legitimate victory they might have deserved.LOL sorry bout the rant! but I actually do agree with a lot of what you said!

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