I think we can all agree that this dude is fucked, and his NFL career is in some serious jeopardy. Before this season even started Larry Johnson has been accused of assaulting his friends, and beating his wife or girlfriend.

Now that he doesn’t start anymore (which is what happens when you suck) he took to Twitter to blast his coach and say his dad could do a better job. Apparently his father was coached by the dude they based ‘Remember The Titans’ on, but who the fuck knows. He also went on to blast the fans that boo him because he ‘makes more money than them’ and they ‘wont stop his checks.’
Yep, this guy is just THAT classy. Easily one of the biggest headcases in the entirety of professional sports. For a guy who still thinks hes a top running back, he is sure doing one hell of a job advertising himself.
Go play some arena football buddy, they could use your publicity.

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  1. This will be just like the rest of these guys..he will plead it down..it will blow over..this team will either keep him or another will pick him up..and in a year or so it will be business as usual with fans and endorsement. That's why they all feel like they're untouchable. Look at Michael Vick after all…wasn't he never gonna play again? Then wasn't he never gonna pick up any endorsements? It's a joke.

  2. His dad was a serious dude who obviously didn't knock his micro's mental overindulgence down a few octaves . And those hardworking $50k a year tradespeaople are the ones who pay his dock . Dummy.

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