You’re a fuckin piece of shit bank.

Here’s the story. I try to log on to my online banking this morning to make some transactions, and boom.. I get an error message saying my request cannot be processed at this time. Ok, thats fair enough, shit happens. So two hours go by, and at this point I’m starting to get pissed because I have to get this shit done. So I call the Direct Banking number.
APPARENTLY.. my account had been flagged for possible fraudulent activity. SHIT! That sucks. So the dude proceeds to run through a couple recent transactions to ensure it was in fact me who made them. Here’s the kicker.. the transaction that was flagged was a withdrawal of TWENTY DOLLARS from an ATM that was NOT certified BMO. Seriously? You shut my fuckin account down because I took out $20? Hell, even if it WAS somebody else, don’t shut my account down for that.
Here’s my main issue. Yes locking it down was stupid as hell, but.. YOU DIDNT EVEN TELL ME! I didn’t get a phone call, or so much as a fuckin email that said “hey dont try to use your account, you might be the victim of fraud.” Nope, all I get is an error message telling me I can’t get in. Imagine if this was 11pm and rent was due the next day? I’d be fucked. Imagine if I was out of town shopping or buying groceries, only to get to the checkout and SORRY, your account doesn’t fucking work.
Seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous. And when I personally go in to a BMO today (which I have to do in order to actually use my account again) I’m going to make all of this well known. Probably point out the fact that I have written this blog and it has the possibility to reach a fair number of people thanks to Twitter.
Shape the fuck up!

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  1. all banks do that shit. so calm down u crazy fucker. also, im pretty sure out of the 1500 people that no one gives a shit or will change their accounts to another bank that does the same thing. to busy tweeting and blogging to do that… SO FUCK YOU TYLER. love cory

  2. I can relate. They locked mine over two $500.00 western union transfer attempts. Someone trying to send my $$ to the U.K. This was about a month ago. Im like you they could have told me something, i found out when i tried to use my bankcard & the ATM ate it.

  3. I know what you mean Tyler. I had the same thing happen to me, but the only difference from you was that I did get a letter – 2 months later! Bunch of assholes!

  4. ya they all suck big time, should be able to slap them with insuffiant pr relations fee of 25.00 everytime we can't get money out, or they screw up for holding our fuckin money.

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