I Still Like Jonny Gossy

First off, shut the fuck up about this being linked from TMZ, its the only place I could find it chopped down from the full 10 minute interview.
Everybody and their family hates Jon Gosselin it seems, EXCEPT for me. I’ve stood behind this dude since day 1 because, a lot like my last post, he’s REAL. He says what the fuck he thinks, and doesn’t regret it. I will admit it’s kinda funny that just NOW he realizes he is extorting his children, but if you watch the first few seasons it definitely wasn’t the sensationalized paparazzi fueled bullshit it is now.
And yeah, the whole fuckin family got ripped off. The problem is that Kate writes (sorry, has them ghost-written) these fuckin books on how to parent 8 kids and makes an extra shitload of money. First off, theres about 10 people in the world who could actually find this information useful, and secondly since these kids were BORN she has had the help of an entire crew of people. Kate ain’t shit.
For Jon to want to break away from TLC and their programming to do his own shit is no surprise, and she should be able to do so. Normally I am 100% against people being famous for no reason, which is essentially the case here. But, for whatever reason I back this guy.
Keep it goin Jonny Gossy

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  1. u r not the only one my friend, jonny boy is AWESOME…..i co-sign with u on this homie

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