Dear Society

I’m not posting any pictures or anything that could be thought of as disrespectful or sensationalizing of this event. I’m fuckin SICK to my stomach to be a human being right this minute.

An honor roll student was beaten to death in a gang melee in Chicago last Thursday, and the police have just released the video that was taken by another student. Usually I can’t fuckin stand when websites release shit like this, however in this case it is to hopefully identify the fuckin scum that did this. I watched the video and every single emotion one can feel went through my body. I don’t even know how to describe this shit. I am honestly baffled this has happened.
According to his mother, this dude was not in a gang, and never in trouble. How this happens doesn’t make sense to me.
This isn’t a black thing, or a white thing or whatever the fuck else color thing. This is a HUMAN thing. And it is fucked up man. If the only way you can feel good about yourself is to join a gang and beat somebody else to death, you are a piece of shit. A straight up piece of shit. And I refuse to accept the excuses that “this is the only option.”
It is time for society to stop fucking making excuses for everything.

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Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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