Phil Kessel baby!

Thank you Boston Bruins! Thank you Brian Burke! Thank you Phil Kessel!

Yesterday the Toronto Maple Leafs snagged Kessel for 2 first round picks and a 2nd rounder. Kessel then immediately signed a 5 year deal with the ol’ Leafs. Umm… AWESOME.. McLovin! This guy is only 22 years old and had 36 goals last year for a team not all that blessed in the offensive category.
It’s not every day an American born player is itching to sign with Canada’s team (sorry Montreal, WE are Canada’s team). It’s also not every day I’m happy as a clam about an American born hockey player. But this guy is different. This guy is young, and this guy is GOOD!

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  1. Hi Ty, At this moment I cannot argue with you. The Montreal Canadians did so poorly that even I'm embarrassed. Yea me, who knows shit about sports but I do appreciate a good team and the entire gendra. If we can just get our shit together with a good solid team again we can come back. I do wish your Toronto team luck and I do hope you wish us luck cause at the moment we really need it!!! Peace out.

  2. The Bruins are becoming the Raiders of hockey. … Mis-fucking-management from the top down. I can only hope he's only more successful as Thornton was once he left. B's are a joke and so is hockey in Massachusetts. Money, fine, but you don't let a kid like that walk. I miss Cam Neely. I miss Larry Bird too, but having a basketball team that actually shows up is nice. I'd miss Neely less if the B's could suck less.

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