Fed’s reign over

Welp, the reign is over pal. Yesterday Roger Federer lost in the US Open to some guy I’ve never even heard of before. I’d look it up, but we’ll never hear his name again so there isn’t any point.

I do believe Federer has exited his prime, and will no longer win each and every tournament. For the next couple of years he will always be in contention, win a few more slams, but being the total-annihilation player he has been is over.
I wish I could say I was said to see this happen, but I’m not because I don’t like him. I suppose my distaste comes from one of my friends loving him to death, and I’m a spiteful person so naturally I would want to see his favourite player lose. Either way, my favourite player is Andy Roddick, and Nadal is pretty good too.
So although it’s not completely over for you R-Fed… the end is near

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  1. heyy now del potro isnt a no name he's only 20 and he is here to stay, just you wait. But i 100% agree with the federer comments he is so boring and pompous and im tired of him.

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