Dan Brown Haters

Never in my life have I seen an author take so much heat for his works. Dan Brown (if you’re stupid and don’t know, he’s the dude that wrote Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code) released his new book “The Lost Symbol” today.

He quickly became a trending topic on Twitter and I couldn’t believe how many people were bashing this guy. Not because I’m a fan of his work (Angels & Demons is my fav piece of fiction) but because he’s a fucking AUTHOR. I mean, hating on a musician is easy because we’re forced to hear them on the radio and television etc. But an author man? You would have to spend hours reading his books to actually know enough about what he does to hate his books.
If your excuse is that he’s popular because of the Ron Howard/Tom Hanks movies, then that is equally as ridiculous.
Note to you people, don’t fuckin spend the time reading his books if you don’t like him. There is NOTHING forcing you to have any association with Dan Brown whatsoever.

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  1. Watched dateline / dan brown ass kissing fest last night….. dateline used to be news. I wonder how many times the host said "In Dan Brown's newest book…" or "according to Dan Brown…"

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