Career Suicide

Meet Terry Moran AKA the dude who will never get another anonymous source is his journalistic career. The dude published an OFF the record comment on his Twitter by President Obama, in which the Prez calls Kanye West a “jackass.”

The issue here is not the comment, everybody knows Kanye is a jackass. The issue is that dude published an off the record comment from the PRESIDENT. I have quite a bit of journalistic experience and knowledge so I’m not just winging this. When you are interviewing somebody and you both agree that comments are off the record, you 100% absolutely DO NOT publish them in ANY fashion, Twitter or not.
Once you do this once, there is no way in hell any person will give you confidential information again. This is a total betrayal of trust by a reporter, and frankly shocking to me that Moran could be so idiotic. He has lost any and all trust as a professional, and he did it to the highest power.
Career Suicide by Terry Moran… sounds like a book title don’t it?

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  1. As a journalist too, I can NOT believe that he broke record law. Off the record is off the record. It doesn't matter if it's a joke or it's the security codes for the red phone, OFF THE RECORD. Trick is good reporters would have got him to say it on record somehow. Moran is NOT a good reporter. He's a boob. And that insults boobs everywhere.

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