Damn Ye

So if you live under a rock or don’t have cable you might not have seen this. Although, I don’t have cable and have seen it 100 times so you don’t have an excuse. Watch it, so I don’t have to explain it.
When this happened it was all over Twitter instantly and I was completely anti-Kanye, and for the most part still am. Yeah Taylor Swift is only 19 and she looked STUNNED after it happened. Apparently she was crying backstage. Kanye posted some bullshit apology on his blog IN HIS ALL CAPS EGO FASHION. Dude was drunk as fuck by the time he even got to the show. On the red carpet he had half a 40 of Henne in his hands.
Beyonce won an award later in the evening and brought Swift out to let her finish her acceptance speech. Boom, all happy. Look.. this sucks for Taylor Swift right now. Six months from now when her new album comes out she will sell a MILLION more copies than if this never happened. So many teens in the MTV crowd don’t know who a country singer is and Kanye launched her in to the stratosphere.
Imagine how many records a Beyonce/Swift collaboration would sell? What about a fucking KANYE/Swift collaboration? Yeah, exactly. And this is 2009, the possibilities of this happening are very real.
I have a feeling Taylor Swift will be laughing about this, and sending Kanye flowers when she sells millions of records this year. And by the way Mr. West Mr. West, we are all tired of your fuckin rants. Shut up, and go sing about heartbreak some more.

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