Here we go

Allow me to start this blog by saying that I am a die hard Toronto Raptors and NBA fan. When i say die hard, I mean I’ve watched at least 75 games (without changing the channel for commercials) in the past 9 years. Through the times we had shitheads like Derrick Dial and Robert Archibald. Okay, I’ll save that for the beginning of basketball season.

Despite my passion being in the NBA, there is NO better time in sports than week 1 in the NFL. The only sport in which truly, every team has a chance for the most part. Of course there are those teams that appear better on paper, but as the Arizona Cardinals showed us last year, paper doesn’t mean shit.
I’m a Miami Dolphins fan, and despite us making the playoffs last year, this season is going to be MUCH tougher. Tom Brady is back in New England so our division just got much better, even though the Jets got worse and the Bills always suck. Our schedule is much tougher this year also.
Perhaps more importantly though, is fantasy football. By now I’m sure most of you know that I am completely obsessed with my keeper league. Nothing makes me happier than waking up early on Sunday morning to pour over match ups, injury reports etc. to prepare for the games. Unfortunately, I already have one fuck-up this week when I benched Santonio Holmes. I went back and forth on putting him in before Thursday, and eventually settled with Braylon Edwards because I had him slightly ahead on the depth chart. Usually week 1 is the time I send my best players out there regardless of competition and see what they do. Lesson learned. Now Anquan Boldin is listed as questionable, which would really hurt my already weak receiving core.
Anyways, enough rambling because you are sure to hear more of it in later posts. God I love football.

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Focused on world issues, local issues, offensive issues, and sports. On a mission to help make wrestling cool again.

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