Simply Unreal

This might actually be the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aimee Sword.

So this bitch has a kid some 15 years ago and gives him up for adoption. 12 years later she decides to find him on the Internet, and is successful. It only seems natural that they meet up right? I mean they ARE mother and son.
Ok here is where shit gets fucked the fuck up. Sword DOESN’T tell the kid that she is his mother, and he assumes she’s just some random woman. Then.. THEY HAVE SEX! Yeah.. she went to the Internet to find her long lost son so she could fuck him.
Needless to say she is being charged on all kinds of sexual assault charges.
Welcome to the motherfucking twilight zone

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  1. this is absolutly disgusting. i thought u were going to put tht she like murdered him, which for some reason i dont think would be as bad. this is so fucking sick. how could she even justify such a disgusting act.

  2. Why do people like this even bother to find their kids, chances are good that they're living a fantastic happy and healthy life without knowing that their abandoning mother threw them aside. I get it, some people have no choice other than to put their kids up for adoption, but in this case I think the kid was better off.

  3. WOAH!!!!!!!This is the most fucked up thing, I've heard in awhile. I don't understand what possessed this screwed up woman to commit sucha disgusting act.

  4. Ya she's a fucked up broad. More disturbing. … Sperm banks and egg donation. 10 live births per donor, plus as many live kids as he can churn out. Without a blood test to be sure lots of relatives could be fucking out there this very minute.

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