NHL veteran/alcoholic/on-ice psycho Theo Fleury was reinstated by the league on Friday, furthering along his attempt at a comeback at 41 years old. Fleury had been under suspension for multiple failures to abide by the alcohol restrictions.

My hope is that Fleury is in fact picked up by a team, but I don’t want to see the fat, out of shape, Fleury that has been playing in a men’s league in Ireland. That Fleury was terrible. I want to see the dude who wore the ‘C’ for the Flames and the Canadian Maple Leaf on his chest. I know he won’t be that guy, because he’s simply too old and been out of the NHL for too long.
Maybe I hope he isn’t picked up after all

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  1. Even if he comes back with all the intensity Claude Lemieux did , I'll be a fan of his on ice game . I'm hoping the arrogant cat I met years back was just a product from the booze and that recovery has taught him lessons . A lot of recovering addicts get into the fitness thing as a distraction so it's possible that he might be more buff than in his heyday . Good on him ..redemption is a beautiful thing.

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