Meet Jocelyn Wildenstein

You gotta be fuckin kiddin me. Seriously, what the fuck is with this? Is her eye about to fall out of her cranium? I know someone in special effects make-up that couldn’t even make someone look like this.

This is why people shouldn’t be famous for being rich. And in case you were wondering, she has spent 5 MILLION dollars on plastic surgery in her life. Yeah.. and Michael Jackson was crazy…

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  1. I read once that she was actually trying to look like a she wanted these weird slanted eyes…creepy.

  2. In the divorce dealio , her billionare husband cited the fact that she in no way resembles the wife he remembered marrying .. I don't condone cheating , but it is a curious fact that the other woman was a dead-on for his pre-mutilation wifey . He missed the mama he wanted to grow old with. And they say rich dudes aren't old romantics.

  3. yeah..she was going for the cat look. she got robbed. the doctor(s) responsibile for doing this should be brought up on charges. i wonder if her and MJ used the same dude??? at this point, one would have to put a flag over her face and fuck her for the glory of it.

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