Ellen on Idol?

So the person replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol is.. ELLEN?! I’d say this is out of left field, but this isn’t even the ballpark.

I know that Idol’s ratings have started sink. Probably because after you’ve done the same thing 35 times and only have 3-4 successful musicians out of it, people start to lose interest. But, I don’t think the solution is hiring someone who’s entire knowledge of the music industry comes from dancing to Black Eyed Peas at the start of a talk show.
Forgive me if I’m being ignorant, but this just bleeds of a publicity stunt. Good luck contestants, because this one will make joke after joke when deciding your future.

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  1. agreed to disagree. The idea of any business is to make more money and bringing in Ellen will definitely get more viewers. I have zero music knowledge, but I know when I like something and when I dislike something… and a lot of the time I am in major disagreement with psycho Simon. Maybe an untrained ear would do the judging panel some good. The idea of the show will remain the same – pull a complete nobody out of the closet and make them famous, and people are still getting their voices heard reguardless. I mean look at all the people who didn't become idol but still got famous, mright? Of course… I'm bias on account of I love Ellen.

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