Jonny Gossy

I always take heat for backing Jon Gosselin. Thing is, I actually watched Jon & Kate BEFORE it was cool to tear on these two. Years ago, when they really were a family. The way Kate treated Jon day in and day out made me sick, and when he left her I was happy and defended him.

I’m not sure if I’m defending, attacking, or merely stating in this blog after what Jon said on Good Morning America. He said that he DESPISES Kate, and could never so much as sit on the same couch as her again. He furthered that by saying that everything she says on TV is essentially a lie to get pity and turn them against Jon. Lastly he stated that she wears her wedding ring strictly for public perception, and that he doesn’t wear is because she took it.
Writing that paragraph brought to the conclusion that I WILL defend Jon. Maybe not for his Ed Hardy shit, and Michael Lohan shit, but on this topic alone. I totally believe that Kate is doing everything she can to remain in good standing with the media and the general public. Her career, her LIFE depends on it. She hasn’t worked since her children were born, and would be in big trouble if her show and books stopped bringing in the money. She needs this.
Jon might be a fucking douchebag, BUT.. he is honest. And that I will always respect

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  1. Did Jon ever think to stand up for himself like a MAN? Stop blaming Kate.

  2. That's the very reason I couldn't watch that Show Kate was so mean to him it made me want to smack her.

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