Maybe I hate summer

Call me crazy but I think I hate summer. I blame most of this on the fact that I’m too into sports. The only sport running during July and August is baseball, which is always great for the first couple weeks, but by the time the Blue Jays collapse I lose all interest until the playoffs. Because of this, my life feels like it doesn’t really serve a purpose during these two months and I’m essentially just going through the motions.

Furthermore, nothing really happens during the summer. In the fall you have Thanksgiving, winter has Christmas (other religious holidays) and New Years. You know, things to anticipate. Whereas, summer just has.. summer days. I guess for a lot of people, taking these 2 down months to travel and vacation is great, but for the most part it’s pretty boring. I’m also not a big fan of extreme heat and humidity. I’ll take a crisp fall day over exhausting heat every time.
On the other hand, I think I might like summer because it makes fall THAT much better. Like when you haven’t seen your significant other for a period of time. The whole being apart makes the heart grow stronger type deal. When September rolls around, I feel like it’s a time to start fresh and really get back into the swing of things. Not just relating to sports, but many other things in life as well. I suppose we all feel that way to some regard because it reminds us of starting school for so many years of our life. It brings the sense of responsibility and that our carefree time has come and gone for 10 months.
I guess I can’t decide if I hate summer or love summer, but I know I’m always glad when it’s over.

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