Don’t Get It

Ok, I do NOT get NASCAR. I just plain don’t and I want somebody to help me understand the fascination with it. I don’t plan on being judgemental, I just genuinely want to know why this is entertaining, and I will NOT accept “the crashes” as an answer. Drivers die crashing, that’s not entertaining to me at all.

Here’s my current, close-minded point of view on this. A bunch of dudes drive around in a fucking circle for 5 hours then drink beer when it’s over. The beer part I get, if I drove around in a circle for that long I’d need a fucking drink too. Formula 1 I understand because there is a racetrack, this shit is JUST A CIRCLE! Nothing happens! Ever! I’m sure there is skill in this, no matter how limited, or the same guys wouldn’t win all the time. Actually participating in this would probably be fun but I just don’t get watching it.
Now that I’ve torn this sport down, I’d like some feedback to tear MY opinions down so I can appreciate it. Thanks

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  1. Nascar is more of a soap opera than a sport. There are heros and villains, storylines and lots of drama. I think ppl watch for these reasons more than the actual race. They want to see whio is going to knock who out of the way or possibly retaliate for a prior altercation. The drivers also aren't always the most eloquent, so that can be entertaining. Also, the drivers in NASCAR are much more like the fans than in every other sport. I think this helps fans connect more passionately and therefore makes for a very solid fan base. I very rarely watch a race from start to finish but I do follow tha entire series and have my favorites and also guys that I hate to even see finish a race! NASCAR is not for everybody, but if you ever get into it, it is hard to get away from. Another thing you mentioned were the wrecks and that is disturbing. The cars have become so safe that there are spectacular crashes almost every week and the drivers just walk away. This lends itself to ppl wanting to see the "big one"! I for one catch myself being too entertained by the wrecks but that is the nature of beast, so to speak!

  2. I also have to respond..I am a woman, who absolutely adores NASCAR..JJ is exactly correct about the soap opera aspect of the sport. But for me, it's just another way for me to enjoy the roar of a total motorhead car,a wreck that'll scare the shit outta me that more often than not the driver walks away from, and last but not least..the men in those racing suits…gotta love those fellas in the tight racing suits… ;o)

  3. JJ and MissKibbles are right. The drivers are such characters, their bickering so entertaining,the squabbles and You have young guys, old guys, nice guys, asshats(kyle busch + montoya).Edwards used to be a 2nd grade teacher before racing. I went to school with Reutiman's cousin Greg and remeber seeing him as a kid at his grampa's races. A few of them are like Jr…we've watched them grow up. You connect with them on a level that you don't in other sports. But it isn't just that. This sport is just about the only one where the fans have the kind of access that Nascar offers. You can walk the tracks, visit the garages/racing hq's, etc.,buy pieces of the tires and tracks,lugneuts, whatever. They strive to make it fun for fans, and hell, what other sport can you camp out in the middle of?Also, the drivers and their crews really regular everyday guys. You feel like "yeah, I could get out there and do that" and quite frankly would love to get out there and do it. One of these days I'm gonna do the Richard Petty experience and drive a couple laps at a track and it's gonna be awesome. Until then, I'll follow and cheer for my drivers, root against the ones I don't like and boogity boogity boogity enjoy it.

  4. fuck you. its about the competition. anyone can win any day. just like horse racing but all cars are the same with minor adjustments made to each individual vechicle makes every race very close. your pal andrew stittle

  5. I think I am a good person to comment on this as I have grown up with a family who faithfully watches this, has been to ameture races but actually has NO interest in the sport AT ALL!I agree with the above posts, it is about the soap opera and about the competition. Nascar is FAR more of a sport than say Cart or F1 because those are based on the car manufacturer but in Nascar all the cars are bulit the same (or you get penalized) and its up to the driver to win. Not the horsepower or other mechanical advantages. Furthermore, these drivers are TRUE athletes, more so than any other sport. EVERY driver is in peak physical condition, unlike your fat football player or your mediocre basketball player. A quick google search landed on this artcile, and although its not the greatest, it makes some good points. also lose up to 10-15 pounds every race because the race is up to 5 hours long and other althletes on play for avg of 2-3 hours. And although it's water weight, it still takes a toll on the body.Yes races are long and can be boring but you really have to appreciate the drivers as athletes and the race as pure competetion!And all this coming from a girl who HATES watching races!

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