Make It 7?

Today news leaked that Gary Bettman and the NHL are setting the price of the Phoenix Coyotes relocation fee between $101 and $195 MILLION dollars. To put this in context, Jim Balsillie (the Blackberry dude who is trying to move the team to Hamilton, Ontario) had a private study of his own done that concluded costs only ranging between $11.2 and $12.9 million.

Basically, this is just a blatant case of Bettman being a fucking douchebag. He ALSO admitted HIMSELF, that the team would be far more profitable in Hamilton than Phoenix. I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, but he stated that the reason Balsillie’s relocation costs were so low was due to the value of the team in Hamilton also being low. However, if that isn’t the case, Bettman is for the most part preventing a team from profiting just to keep it in the USA.

Seriously, FUCK OFF Gary Bettman. Americans have made it brutally clear that they are simply not going to support hockey in some markets. Phoenix is certainly one of them.


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