Lights Out indeed

This picture seemed appropriate for where I plan on going with this. So everybody, meet Shawne Merriman. He’s a linebacker for the NFL’s San Diego Chargers AND.. he’s a douchebag.

Two years ago this guy was suspended 4 games for taking steroids. This is a guy nicknamed “Lights Out” because he knocked 4 guys unconscious in one HALF in high school. Doesn’t so much sound like a guy in need of steroids.
We pick up the story last night when he was arrested for choking his girlfriend, who happens to be very well known reality TV star Tila Tequila. Class act all the way buddy. What pisses me off is that based on what I’ve read on blog sites, sports sites and Twitter, people really don’t seem to be offended by this shit. Not that he’s getting a free pass, but compared to what people have been saying about Michael Vick it’s ridiculous.
This guy CHEATS in a profession he was already fairly dominant in, then CHOKES his girlfriend to the point she has to phone the police. Am I the only one who values human life over that of a dog?

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  1. No..I value human life over a dog..BUT I think unfairly people judge Tila for being somehow partially responsible just because of her persona..she was already super sad person to me and this just adds to the tragedy

  2. That's a good point. It's annoying and stupid how quick people are to jump on somebody because they THINK they know them. There are definitely people, famous or otherwise, who deserved to be slapped around a bit, but not a woman being beat/choked by a man. This guy will probably be suspended a couple games, whereas Vick missed 2 years and $100 million bones

  3. Vick's a douchebag . You look at the pathology of serial killers and they all started off abusing critters . He got what he deserved. End of that . Shawne Merriman is addicted to a sinister drug called Fame . Like blow , it deludes the user into thinking he's unstoppable and infallible . People who think Tila is at fault in ANY fucking fashion are closet wife-beaters or too ashamed of getting beat on. O.K. , I got a Merriman card in my paw and it says this papa is 6'4" and 272 . Tila is 4'11" and model tiny. I don't give a flaming DOG what she mighta said … you walk the fuck away , go scream at a canyon , punch a wall , down a few Blackjacks , whatever – don't fucking beat on a lady …any lady …period. Hope he does 2 to 4 in the bucket .Fucktard. Man , i'd like to show him what hitting like a girl REALLY means !!

  4. I never cared for or about the train wreck known as Tila. But NO one deserves to be treated like that! No person has the right to lay hands on anyone!

  5. I don't think anyone could put it more succinctly than Mika, regarding Vick, or the latest P.O.S. pro athlete Merriman. I wish I could applaud here.

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