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If you don’t have Twitter you won’t care about this post. So scroll down to more important stuff like Mayonnaise.

Friday has been dubbed Follow Friday on Twitter, which in theory is an AWESOME concept. You recommend a couple people you follow that are just the business. Whether it’s because they’re funny, intelligent, inspirational, anything. The reason is to get other people to follow them and help expand your network – the very point of Twitter.
When I first signed about 6 months ago this is exactly what occured. I would choose 5 people I followed and tell others WHY that person should be followed. However, it the whole thing has become so colluded and watered down that it just plain sucks. Instead, you now have people simply listing SO many people that they follow. In some instances, their entire page will just be lists of names that ends up tallying in the hundreds. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Click on EVERY name to see if I want to follow them or not? Thanks, but if I want to randomly follow people I can do that myself.
NOBODY ever follows anybody on this list because it’s simply too much and is horribly counter productive. I understand that essentially everybody you follow, you deem worthy, or you wouldn’t follow them. But this isn’t a popularity contest, you CAN leave people out and get them some other time. Twitter isn’t going anywhere.
I promise if you tell people why someone should be followed and you don’t go crazy with it, those people will gain more followers than the 1000 you list COMBINED.

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