I decided to take to Twitter for a topic to blog about because I felt like writing with nothing to talk about. Mayonnaise won.

I’ve wondered for a while what the fuck mayo IS? I mean, I’ve made it from scratch before (it tasted a LOT better that way) but never truly understood it. It was time to research. From the information I gathered, it began in France and was originally called moyeunaise, which translates to “yolk of the egg”. Makes sense so far. It was popularized in French cooking around 1840 or so. Neat.. mayo is old as fuck!
There exist two prominent brands of Mayo in North America. Hellman’s and Miracle Whip. I’ve always been a Hellman’s guy because I find Miracle Whip to be more of a jelly. Apparently it is also considered a salad dressing of sorts too, but I couldn’t imagine covering lettuce and tomatoes in this stuff without bread and meat to go along with it.
So I guess the question is, are you a Hellman’s or Miracle Whip cat?

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  1. Miracle Whip always seems like the white trash, trailerpark version of mayo. I'm actually fine with most brands so long as it's actual mayonnaise and not some faux white stuff. I mean real mayo is egg yolks, oil, vinegar. Fattening in the wrong amounts, but natural. Miracle Whip has a weird fake tang to it. And, you are right, shouldn't be called salad dressing but I think British people refer to it as salad cream

  2. Hellman's all the way, although I make it from scratch if I'm making potato or macaroni salad. A couple years ago when we were in London, it seemed like every pub and restaurant served salad with Miracle Whip(or their version of it) and it is nasty…so gross

  3. Neither . I make my own . But I'd have to go with Hellman's if I decided to eat eggs.

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