Stupid CFL

Great move CFL. Let’s let another NFL scumbag/convict head north of the border to squeeze a little bit more air time of your subpar league. Tuesday, the Winnipeg Bluebombers announced the signing of Adam ‘Pacman‘ Jones AKA the guy who tried to bit up a stripper for picking up the money he was “raining”. Then he pulled a gun yada yada yada, went to pro wrestling, the list is endless with this fucking moron.

His camp isn’t even sugarcoating this as anything more than a publicity stunt. Saying that the Bluebombers will get more coverage in the next 2 weeks than the past 100 years. Yeah, congratulations you’ll get coverage as the team so desperate for media attention you’ll sign one of the most worthless pieces of shit to play in the NFL.
What’s next? Michael Vick to the Argos – wait.. I would actually enjoy that!

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  1. It's no longer the league of thugs because of the insane rules , but because all the American imports seem to be ex-cons.

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