Dear Major League Baseball

In the past couple days a LOT of big names have swapped teams. Guys like Rich Harden, Jim Thome, Brad Penny, Jon Garland, Scott Kazmir. What’s the big deal you ask? Just the fact that the trade deadline was a MONTH ago.

Major League Baseball has this dumbass system in which you can still basically trade whoever you want after the deadline so long as they pass through waivers. This essentially negates the entire trade deadline and makes it pointless. Either move it back, or get rid of it entirely because as it stands, its a joke.

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  1. I meant to comment on this earlier. I agree it negates the deadline and is pointless. Additionally, for teams like the Rays who needed to stay focused and fired up to have a shot at a wildcard spot..Kazmir's trade showed that the front office didn't have faith in the team's ability to pull it off, and they sold kazmir short by not giving hime a chance to shine in late season play. I feel for other fans feeling the same sense of bewilderment

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