Shaq vs. Common Sense

I waited on doing a blog about this in hopes that it would just go away and I wouldn’t have to talk about it. Well it’s not. So here goes nothin.

This might actually be THEE dumbest reality show ever. Ok, I know that could easily be one of the biggest debates ever, but this concept is so horribly ridiculous. If you don’t know, Shaq is going against some of the greatest athletes in their respective sport to prove he’s some sort of super athlete, or something? I don’t exactly know why he’s doing any of this to be honest. He’s like 45 years old with 4 championship rings and a billion dollars. But hey, there’s gotta be a reason somewhere.
So far 2 episodes have aired, and not surprisingly Shaq lost both of them. The first one he was against Ben Roethlisberger and had to score more TD’s in a traditional 7 on 7 game. Shaq got a 20 yard handicap, lost.
Next he plays beach volley ball against Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. You might remember them from such places as EVERY SINGLE PODIUM to involve beach volleyball. He had some pro dude as a partner, lost.
Apparently he will having a home run derby against Albert Pujols, and a WWE wrestling match against The Big Show in the future. What the fuck? You’re taking on a wrestler to prove what? That you can win something in which the outcome is completely predetermined. This show sucks.
Oh yeah, and apparently Shaq stole this idea from former Suns teammate Steve Nash, who contacted a lawyer and may consider suing. Good luck Diesel

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