Sorry Beas

Yesterday I might have blogged about Michael Beasley being a dumbass. Well it appears he read my blog because he’s since checked in to a rehab facility for depression. Sorry Supercool Beas.

Look, about 13 months ago scouts were arguing over who would be the better 1st overall pick, Derrick Rose, or Michael Beasley. Ultimately it was Rose who was picked and the kid is a stud already. Beasley, not so much. Yeah he was second on the team in scoring (13.4 PPG, 5.4 RPG) but he was in trouble basically the entire season. During All-Star weekend he was caught smoking weed and fined something like $50k for originally denying it.
It fuckin sucks when a promising career starts going downhill so quickly as a result of bad decisions. Clearly this dude hasn’t surrounded himself with the proper people. When you are handed this much money at this age, this is almost destined to happen if you don’t have level minded, older people looking out for you.
It happens all too often and I truly hope this ends up a motivational story because the dude can play.

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