Supercool Beas

Look up ‘dumbass‘ in the player index for the NBA and you’ll probably see a picture of this clown. For those who don’t recognize him, fear not. Most people don’t. Its Michael Beasley, forward for the Miami Heat.

This guy is constantly in trouble with his teammates for being lazy and immature. Not all that surprising considering he was a rookie, but he just managed to make matters much worse for himself. The dude took a picture of his new tattoo (a gigantic back piece that says ‘supercool beas‘) and sitting on the table beside him is 2 bags of marijuana. Shortly after he realized this, he deleted his entire Twitter account and said fuck it.
Not only this, but his last few posts said something like “Why is everyone against me” and “feel like its not worth livin.. im done’. I don’t know what the hell he is talking about frankly. People are not out to get you man, just stop acting like a dumbass for your own sake.
And for mine, because you’re on my fantasy team.

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