I Don’t Get It

So Plaxico Burress gets two years in prison today for accidentally shooting himself at a Manhattan nightclub. But my question is… shouldn’t have gotten more time because he was wearing jogging pants in a nightclub?

But seriously, earlier this month Dante Stallworth got something like a couple weeks in jail for KILLING somebody in his car. There was debate that it was the pedestrians fault, but I’m pretty sure Stallworth was under the influence at the time. Doesn’t that deserve a harsher sentence than just being a dumbass?
I understand the gun was registered properly and he shouldn’t have had it, but the dude shot HIMSELF, that to me is pretty much punishment enough.
I wish athletes would fuck off with this carrying guns bullshit. You pay an entourage of bodyguards to follow you and all your friends and you STILL carry a gun into a club. Ain’t nobody gonna shoot Plaxico Burress in a nightclub, period. ESPECIALLY in Manhattan where he played for the beloved Giants.
Get over yourself Plaxico, you’re not exactly murder material. And fuck off with the jogging pants.

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