Even in the NHL…

Ironically, the Buffalo police department could easily use this picture of Patrick Kane as his mugshot. See, a couple of weeks ago, Kane and his brother were partying at a nightclub in Buffalo when they decided to take a cab home at 5 in the morning. This actually starts out as a good story because as is the case with most pro athletes these days, a DUI wouldn’t have been entirely out of the question.

However when they get to their destination, the cabbie is 20 cents short on their change. First of all, who ever asks for change from a cabbie anyways? Unless you are paying 20 bucks for a 7 dollar ride, you don’t see this much. So instead of saying, “Boy, I’m a professional athlete in the NHL. In the next 3 years I will have earned roughly 14 million dollars.” HE BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF THE CABBIE! And takes all of his money back. Yeah.. over twenty fucking cents man. Furthermore, this dude was 62 years old.. Kane is 20.
He ends up getting charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services. His plead – not guilty, of course. He chalks the whole thing up to “being at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that something you say when somebody gets hit with a stray bullet, or is the victim of a random mugging. Not when YOU make the decision to HIT a cab driver because he is TWENTY CENTS short. I sure as shit don’t make 4 million dollars a year, and I also sure as shit don’t care about 20 cents either.
So, congratulations Kane. You managed to completely tarnish a career that only started 2 years ago when you were the first overall pick in the draft. I will never respect you, and thank god you play for Team USA so I will never have to cheer for you.
By the way, if you pick up a copy of the video game NHL 10 by EA Sports – guess who’s on the cover?

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  1. I wrote a blog extolling the sportsmanship and virtue of a few young hockey fellas , and Pat Kane was one of them . Apparently , his leadership qualities have come up short on the most important game of all – life . This dude earned over $600 000 last year , the income of 10 hard-working men and wails on an elder papa trying to make his life providing a life-saving service? Cabbies risk their lives to keep people safe – there are thousands of stories of heroism for the often intelligent and misunderstood folks in this thankless trade . Own and atone , young Mr. Kane . This is not the time to look like a bigshot . If he said something to the tune of " I was a drunken idiot and what can I do to right this terrible wrong ?" instead of cowering then he would be worthy of respect . Stupid kid .

  2. It seems like another asshat example of an athlete with some "you can't touch me" skewed sense of entitlement. This is simply becoming all too common in the world of sports. The various leagues should crack down on these guys.They could start with serious suspensions,rather than 3-4 games which is a joke after all, and fines, leading to dismissals and or banishment from the sport. I hate to sound harsh, but kids look up to these guys,like it or not. They need to respect the privelege(s) bestowed upon them and behave. In my job, if I did this I'd be done..and never be rehired by any agency. These guys will still get paid millions 'cause they can play a game. They don't care about the example they set, and why ahould they? No matter what we all still go to the games, buy the jerseys, etc.It sucks.

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