Y.E. Yang? Y.E.S

This blog was all set to go yesterday with a nice big picture of Tiger Woods holding his 15th major championship trophy. Then this guy chipped in for eagle on the 14th hole and stole the PGA Championship.

Tiger has won all 14 of his majors while leading after 3 rounds, and this was the first time he ever suffered defeat under those same circumstances. I’ve seen the entire final round of each of his previous 14 and to be honest, having him lose actually made me enjoy the tournament more and end up truly being one of the best tournaments in recent memory. 

Irony is fascinating. After both of their tee shots on the first hole, I posted on my Twitter “Prediction: Yang is out of contention by the 7th hole and they don’t televise anything he does on the back 9.” Umm.. OOPS! By the 3rd hole you could totally tell this guy was absolutely not intimidated by the presence of Tiger whatsoever and he just enjoyed the ride. Pretty much any time he would notice a camera following him he’d smile, wave or joke to the audience at home. And after draining a put on one of the last few holes he tossed the ball into the crowd. Kinda reminds a little bit of Happy Gilmore actually. 

He also had a couple awesome quotes after the round:
“It’s not like you’re in an octagon where you’re fighting against Tiger and he’s going to bite you, or swing at you with his 9-iron,”
“This might be my last win as a golfer,” Yang said. “But it sure is a great day.”

It was refreshing to see a guy show that much emotion and really ride the wave of emotion wearing his heart on his sleeve. It’s really too bad this guy isn’t about 10 years younger (he’s 37) because he would be an awesome foil to Tiger. Dancing around, waving, cheering etc. to Tiger’s ultimate focus and calmness. It could truly be amazing to watch, but to be honest I don’t see this guy sticking around.

This win should also help golf tremendously worldwide, specifically in the Asian communities. He is the first Asian to win a major PGA event, and to do so in that fashion can only be considered a heroic accomplishment. 

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